Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sunshine Farm Pumpkin Patch

ryli and i joined theo and friends for a trip to the "punkin" patch. oh my goodness, i love the way he says punkin.
but before the patch, we got to pet 14 day old calves,

climb on tractors with carter,
feed mama cows,
pet oh-so-soft chickens,
then we hopped on a tractor trailer for a ride to the patch.
a a more beautiful pumpkin patch, i've never seen.

and theo got to pick out his very own "polkta-dot" punkin. he has very specific carving instructions for us....

the end.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dingle Peninsula

another day in the car, another day of phenomenal irish countryside....
 my second irish rainbow greeted me as we loaded up-

these are the ruins of Minard Castle. Shane took us off the beaten path for this one, then he slipped on the very mossy rocks that he had just warned the kiddos about. 
    Cromwell took this castle in 1650, he was a bit of a bully. the ruins are roped off due to instability.
 Ty the Conquerer
 this lovely little restaurant called The Stonehouse was a brilliant reprieve from the blustery conditions along slea head drive. i pretty much camped out by that stove for the entire meal. i also ate the best shrimp scampi i've ever tasted and the chocolate cake was literally fought over. we ordered a second.
 after lunch and a warm up we walked across the street to Dunbeg Fort. it dates back to around the 8th or 9th century AD. that's the atlantic in the background.
 this poor lamby has a heavy head and a missing eye- ryli said it reminded her of the bearded sheep in kung fu panda.

 the fence to the left was placed because the fort is falling off the cliff, but thankfully my daughter did not.

 a little donkey love
 then we journeyed over to the beehive huts and it started to rain on the hike up so Theo put his hands in his pockets.
 beehive huts in the rain

 *that's rainbow #3, it ended in the ocean
 these are called fushia. you can see hedgerows covered in these flowers all over the peninsula....if you come at the right season. we only caught a few, but they are beautiful and fragrant. you see pottery and stained glass celebrating these lovelies sold by local artisans.
 this is the Gallurus Oratory. it's believed to be an early christian church dating back to between the 6th and 9th century. only stone, no mortar, and waterproof- STILL!
we sought refuge inside from a quick afternoon rainstorm.
 then on the way to the car Theo slipped and took a header right down on the cobblestone. the Gallurus left quite the bump and bruise on my little babe's forehead.
 we stopped in Dingle town on the way back where i got my beloved irish wool sweater.

 i adore this boat!
Theo was gifted sam the lamb from a store worker who fell for his charm and candor.
and that wraps up the peninsula portion of our trip.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ireland: Day 4, Ring of Kerry

the Ring of Kerry is on the Ivaragh peninsula off the southwest coast of Ireland, famous for it's incredible views- check 'em out!

 this lookout is called ladies view-

Staigue Fort- said to have been built during the Iron Age, somewhere between 300-400 AD, and used as a defensive stronghold for a local lord or king.

the Ty the Conquerer, stance
 harassing the locals

Waterville Bay
 tempting fate-
the best Irish meal we've had, An Corcan in Waterville. the locals ooze
 hospitality and warmth.

 Ballinskelligs Bay

the sea was angry which meant visiting any of the islands was impossible.
 we wrapped up our drive with this little bonus- it made my day.